Peak performance

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"A successful performance is the pinnacle of achievement in your musical development. In one sense, performaning entails a synthesis of thought, feeling, and physical movements; but in a broader sense, it signifies a supreme act of artistic giving."

With Your Own Two Hands by Seymour Bernstein


"A peak performance exhibits the strength of the mind-body link.
A peak performer, what you think is echoed by what you do.
A peak performance is accompanied not by the fear of failure;
but rather by a confident and optimistic attitude,
not by an unsettled state of mind but a sense of inner calm,
and a high degree of concentration, a feeling of being in control of an apparently, effortless unforced result of a learned technique of physical relaxation and at the same time, an extraordinary awareness of body and surroundings."

Power of performance by Shirlee Emmons and Alma Thomas


"Many are good; but few are great"