The voice of Vitas

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GThe sounds from Vitas' recordings exhibit an unusually high vocal register, which has led many to speculate that his recordings are altered and that his live performances are lip synched. These speculations briefly gained media attention in Russia. Vitas and his producer have both denied the rumors. Fans who attend his concerts continue to assert that Vitas sings live.

During a 2003 live performance Vitas swung his microphone away from his voice several times in an attempt to prove that he was singing live. Although some accuse Vitas of being a castrato, this vocal range is easily within reach of the classically-trained countertenor or male sopranist. Similar to the "whistle register" of the female voice, the countertenor sings in what many describe as a highly developed falsetto register while the sopranist sings in his head register using a different technique.

Do look up other counter tenors as well on youtube.