Tips for stage performance

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Tips on How to Control Nerves, by Pete Thomas, musician

1. Don’t practise until you know that you can play the music right, practise until you no longer get it wrong

2. Don’t take a big deep breath before going on stage, this will only cause hyperventilation and even more adrenalin, better to breathe moderately and evenly, concentrating on the exhale not the inhale.
Imagine the audience naked

3. Drugs or alcohol will not help a permanent ability to control or balance nerves

4. Allow yourself to smile if you do make mistakes

5. Concentrate on your last really good performance, remember how well you played

6. Concentrate on the audience applauding and gaining something from your performance

7. Look at the audience and imagine they are your fans and are waiting to be impressed by you

8. Keep fit, this will give you more self esteem and confidence

9. Wear something that you are comfortable in, but also that makes you feel like a performer. Not necessarily a suit or anything glamourous but it should be a bit different to your everyday clothes.