i didn't know that! Issue# 12- Expect Success 3

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Once you are self-aware and in control, then you can reach level three, self-confidence. Many think that self-confidence comes before self-awareness and self-control. Unfortunately it is the other way round.

Your self-confidence, and therefore your success, is built on your positive thinking, your positive self-image, and a positive self-esteem. All of this comes from within (your subconscious self)—not from outside (your conscious self).

If you consciously (outside) hope to succeed as a singer, then you cannot go on imagining, worrying or fearing unconsciously (inside) all the things that may go wrong. The internal mental program of your positive image will not let you down, because your subconscious will make sure that your thinking and behavior are consistent with this positive image. 

However, if your internal image is negative, be warned--unless you make a conscious effort to change that image, this negative “picture” will continue to be what others see. To be self-confident you must first work with your confident, positive, internal image as a singer.

4. The fourth and final step toward success is self-actualization. Through your own actions, your dreams and beliefs become reality. You begin to know that you have the knowledge, competence and personal control to achieve highly. You understand that you have the capabilities of becoming the singer you want to be, and that you are learning to realize your full potential.

Shirlee Emmons