I didn't know that! Issue# 5- Performance

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Singers, professional or amateur, regard the spectacle of the Olympic Games as virtually identical to their own work. Even an inexperienced singer knows that performance is performance, whatever the field.

Professional and nonprofessional alike, performs everyday; be it in sports, singing, acting, taking an examination or making a business presentation. You have "performed" if you have worked to achieve competence at some activity and then done it in the presence of others. Now that is the difference: the presence of others.

In order to becoming an outstanding performer, you must learn how to perform your skills; not merely possessing the skills. The task is to learn how to perform your skills. It cannot be assumed that once you have learned the music and become skilled at your singing you can just spurt those skills out coherently in a performance situation. Ask anyone who panics in front of an audition panel or those who suffer muscle tension or those who never seem to sing well during singing lessons.

An average person only actualizes 5-20% of his/her full potential. Before reaching our peak performance, we go through different levels of performances: Optimal and Maximal, which we will explain more in the next issue.

The Power of Performance