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Hey hey.. Many of you have been asking about updates on what I am busy doing recently.. 

here's where what and when:

May 29 Fri 10pm- Love the World (02-05) Spore Flyer *
May 30 Sat 10pm- Love the World (02-05) Spore Flyer *

Jun 7 Sun-  OBVS graduation
Jun 9-12- Photo shoot week for my new profile
Jun 15 Sun 5pm- Love the World - OBMF student performance Spore Flyer*
Jun 22-23- Recording 
Jun 24 Wed 8pm- Closed door corporate gig (hush hush location)

Jul 17-18 Fri & Sat-  Heartland performances all over SG 
Jul 24-25 Fri & Sat- Heartland performances all over SG 

yep, that's about it for now.. will update again soon :)

*Weekly performances