When i was young..

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Someone asked me this question: How was your childhood and what were your dreams and aspirations?

Well, I remember I love to read, I love to sing; I never sleep without singing a song to myself. I also love to draw. I even came in 2nd for a drawing/coloring competition. I continued to draw during my teenage years, esp on the days that it rained.. I would just sit by my table looking at the rain through the window.. and I had thoughts of becoming a fashion designer; still kept some drawings of my 1st debut collection :)

I guess my childhood really shaped me into who I am today. The wonderful Aesop's fables shaped my values, the drawings drew me into fashion magazines that has decided my wardrobe choices, my daily singing to myself has brought me to do music full-time.

But of coz not everything was that easy and smooth. The opinions of plenty were harsh, often telling me " NO, you can never sing well!" "NO, you do not look pretty at all" All too many NOs along the way can sure make you feel like worthless.

But I somehow got the strength to just bite the bullet and continue to press towards my goals and just try out all different experiences. Lemme see: I have been a netball player, a print advert model, a backup/lead singer, an accounts executive, a tutor, an independent financial advisor, an insurance agent, a host/emcee, an events assistant, an admin assistant, a cell group leader, an actress and of course a vocal teacher.

Of coz eventually now, I am doing what I like for a living. But if it wasn't through all the above experiences, I would have never got this far-irregardless of how irrelavant the experience may seem to my current profession.

So you see, life is always twisting and turning and you never know where it will get you; but remember that every experience counts and shapes you; especially the difficult moments. It is God's way of adding the different shades of colors into our lives. Smile at every situation.