Gillian Lynne

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One of my recent read is The Element by Sir Ken Robinson. This is a timely as I begin my plans for 2009 and have been thinking lots about what do I want to accomplish for the next few years.

One of the stories that really impacted me from the book is the story of Gillian Lynne. Lynne had been underperforming at school, so her mother took her to the doctor and explained about her fidgeting and lack of focus. After hearing everything her mother said, the doctor told Lynne that he needed to talk to her mother privately for a moment. He turned on the radio and walked out. He then encouraged her mother to look at Lynne, who was dancing to the radio. The doctor noted that she was a dancer, and encouraged Lynne's mother to take her to dance school.

She is now best known for her work on the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals Cats, The Phantom of the Opera and Aspects of Love.

We have often deduced that once we do badly in school, we guess we have not much talent and intelligence. This book has opened my mind that we have one or more skills that is in our Element to love to do, to have a passion for.

Perhaps it is now time to pursue the things that we love to do from our childhood, drawing, music etc. Strange but true, I can remember the exact details of the drawings I did when younger. Music and teaching I know is definitely one of my Element, but there is definitely more to fulfill that deeper need to achieve from within.