i didn't know that! - issue #26

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There is always a crucial balance between technique and style in any song. One of the most frequent questions students ask me is “how do I incorporate great technique without giving away my lyrical interpretation, vocal stylization and improvisation?” You don’t give away anything. Instead, you add or build upon what is already there.

A great vocalist will always have a strong technical base from which to stylistically build from. I feel that “it is the difference between building a house on cement and one on sand.” Having a firm grasp on technique as it pertains to your voice gives you the power to make concrete stylistic decisions on what your voice is capable of. Your technique also aides you in finding what is right for the particular genre and song you are performing.

Songs are very specific and detailed in what it takes to make them shine stylistically and technically. If you the artist decide to give anything away in any song you sing it’s more than likely going to be technique. Remember, technique is your base so you must always keep it strong. If you follow this format you will always have the ability to create a stylistic masterpiece!

By Dave Brooks