i didn't know that! - issue #27

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As I have started on my new schedule of teaching and performing, I totally enjoy the new challenge of a brand new routine. Especially now that I have made a comeback in performing, I have soon come to realised that i have a whole list of essentials for every performance that is a must for me; resulting in me bringing a larger bag around:

1. File of lyrics (you never know when u need to sing extra songs)

2. Compact powder, lip gloss, eyelash glue, blusher

3. 500ml bottle of water (with a dash of honey)

4. Fortacold throat lozenges (the ultimate lozenges with manuka honey and propolis; stops all itchy throat)

5. Heels for stage (i go out in flats)

6. Extra dress/top (in case i spill a drink on myself)

7. Bread (for curbing hunger))

8. Ipod player

9. Nail polish (for last min chip)

10. Moisturizer (for cracking skin)

11. Sunglasses

12. Audio cable (in case CD fails to play; just plug in the ipod)

13. Umbrella (v v impt!)

14. Jacket (for cold locations)

Yep... A whole load of things I bring around for performance :) You shd try; this conquers Murphy's law!